Marsh Furniture Company has the capacity and expertise to deliver a full range of kitchen and bath cabinetry you can depend on. Marsh Cabinets offer over 100 styles of cabinets in Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Birch, as well as Thermofoil and Painted finishes. As we have for more than 100 years, we continue to be committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and quality products. Because of these values, Marsh Furniture remains one of the largest independently operated and family owned stock cabinet manufacturers in the United States. 

Our philosophy. On wheels.


Walk through our factory in High Point, North Carolina, and you’ll come across scores of these iron-wheeled handcarts. Our cabinetmakers use them to move wood panels from area to area. They are the hardest working things you’ll ever see, and they never quit. We bought most of them in the 1930s.

The carts are an apt symbol of what we value here at Marsh Furniture. They are, above all, reliable. They do the job they were designed to do. They hold our product carefully, and they wear their age comfortably. We could buy new carts, but why?

So the carts stay. Meanwhile, a bunch of them can be seen parked next to our Holzma Profiline HPL 33, one of the most advanced laminating machines in the industry. You see, in our view, there’s no reason the best of the old can’t work side by side with the new. A better laminating technology came along and we added it to our toolbox.

Our relationships and why they last.


 As noted above, we have kept our carts because they keep working. It’s the same with our relationships. We stick with our dealers and our employees because they’ve done well for us and we’re loyal to the people who have helped us succeed. 


 Waypoint Living Spaces® makes remodeling easier with design professionals that offer more than beautiful cabinetry for kitchens, baths, or any room in your home. We have the tools and process to provide a stress free remodeling service. 

Remodeling Made Easy


 It’s a must read if you’re embarking on a remodel. This valuable remodel magazine speaks to finding your unique style, the design process and how to more easily go about achieving the ideal look and functionality you want in a kitchen, bath and any other important living spaces in your home. This magazine is a great way to find out how to approach your project without all the drama usually associated with a remodel. 

Find Your Style


 To get a great head start on defining your style so that you can ultimately share it with your designer, it really helps to put together a collection of the things that you love. Include everything. Surf the web. Get shots of your favorite kinds of furniture, room settings, paintings and posters. Cut out pictures from magazines—and not just remodeling magazines, but People, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and anything else that defines a style you are drawn to, even if it’s not a shot of an interior. Have a look at artifacts from your travels. A rug, a statue, even a snapshot of a garden, landscape or cityscape can help define your style, and could be the spark that creates a living space that is uniquely you.